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For 30 years, Staffing Inc. has created strong partnerships with area businesses and employees. Our experience and connections have solidified our reputation as a personalized, top-quality employment agency in West Michigan. We recognize the need for employees to feel valued and employers to see solutions. By working with over 300 local employers, we’re able to improve the lives of the people we serve, including their families and their community. Specializing in 4 industry divisions, we offer both trial to hire and direct hire placements that lead to greater opportunities.

Our Strengths

Why work with us? Well, we’re good at what we do and we’re pretty proud of it. Every day, we teach our team to value authentic relationships, to bring people and organizations together. This goal, and the following 4 strengths, continue to set us apart and help you succeed:

  • Established network of top local companies
  • Genuine focus on getting you hired
  • Decades of experienced management and employee ownership
  • Commitment to partner with only the best and safest businesses

We have partnered with Staffing Inc. for many years and they have become an integral part of building our team. Not only do they deliver the service and the quality we expect, but they also understand our culture and share our values.

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